Regional Network Gatherings


Fall Regional Network Meetings


Medical College of Wisconsin
UW-Stevens Point
Edgewood College

WISDOM One-on-One and Community Organizing materials from WISDOM

WiCC regional network gatherings offer an opportunity to network and dialogue on high impact practices in community engagement. These meetings take place in four regions across Wisconsin each Fall. Gatherings are free to students, faculty, staff, and community partners from all member campuses. Each regional gathering is hosted by a WiCC member campus in the area. Each gathering will include several presentations from members of the region where they can highlight high-impact community engagement projects and practices taking place on their campus.

Benefits of Regional Network Gatherings

  • Provide opportunity for our network to examine, assess and strengthen civic engagement activities that promote high impact educational practices produced by the American Association of Colleges and Universities and the Center for Community College Student Engagement High Impact Practices
  • Provide opportunities to build content knowledge on strategic directions such as college access, student success in civic engagement, global citizenship, diversity, community and economic development
  • Provide opportunities for networking, sharing and exchanging of ideas, models, and promising practices, and for professional development and skill building
  • Provide opportunities to engage with colleagues in reflective discussions that are inspiring and invigorating
  • Purposely get to know each other better and build relationships, especially with colleagues we do not know well, celebrate our accomplishments, and have fun