Midwest Campus Compact Citizen-Scholar (M3C) Fellowship Program

AmeriCorpsAn AmeriCorps National Education Award Program, the Midwest Campus Compact Citizen-Scholar (M3C) Fellows Program was a ten-state initiative led by the WiCC and dedicated to integrating education with civic engagement among campuses across the Midwest. Students who were involved in this program received an education award to use toward tuition, loan payments, etc. in return for community service.

The program targeted low-income and first generation college students and sought to develop a peer network and provide support that enabled these students to serve as agents of civic engagement to respond effectively to local community issues. Further, it sought to foster a deep appreciation and understanding of democratic values and citizenship among participants, and nurture the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors that lead to a lifelong commitment to active community and civic engagement.

Some students worked on projects such as tutoring elementary, middle school and high school students in reading, mathematics, and a variety of other subjects; doing Habitat for Humanity builds across the Midwest; assisting with a multitude of programs at Boys and Girls Clubs; being mentors as well as Big Brothers / Big Sisters; working at humane societies to find animals’ homes; and donating their time and in some cases expertise to hospitals and healthcare centers.