“Wisconsin Campus Compact Interactive Mapping Project for Impact”
WiCC IMPACT” for short.
People regularly ask us, “Do you know all the projects that are happening between post-secondary institutions and communities?” There has been no one who has been keeping track of all partnerships (community-based learning, community-based participatory research, volunteerism, outreach) happening across the state…until now. The WiCC IMPACT project attempts to catalogue all partnerships in the state between WiCC campuses and their communities of interest. We have teamed up with givepulse.com to launch a map to put together all known projects and visually display them on a map of the state. When you click on a pin, you can see a short description of the partnership, the category of partnership (e.g. education, health, social justice, workforce development), and a link where you can learn more. Every campus will be able to change their data as partnerships change over time. This project is also linked to a broader advocacy agenda that we have. We have examined the data (over 1700 partnerships catalogued) and found 10 impact areas where the most work is happening:
  • Environmental Flyer
  • dental health
  • college access
  • K-12 STEM education
  • professional development for students
  • worker retaining
  • K-12 mentoring and tutoring
  • social justice alongside marginalized populations
  • community development
  • service-learning abroad
Working with Edgewood College, we are creating one-page flyers that highlight examples of campuses undergoing this work that can be shared with external stakeholders. Hopefully this will lead to increased awareness of our collective efforts.
How can WiCC institutions get involved?
– Submit more projects! If you think of something that should be included on this map, you can claim your account and add it.
– Take these flyers into meetings with legislators and local decision-making officials.  Show them that you’re part of something bigger.
– Host a gathering in your region about a particular impact area.
– Invite WiCC to speak about the effort on your campus.
– Pitch ideas for new flyers that we should create by region or by institution.
– Create flyers for your own institution, but brand it with WiCC IMPACT.