From the Director’s Desk- Sept. 2017

September 6, 2017

From the Director’s Desk – September 2017

A special thanks to all the institutions who have renewed their membership to Wisconsin Campus Compact.  In a time where higher education’s purpose and broader social value is being called into question, it’s more important now than ever that we stand together as a united front.  Together, we can see to it that the culture of higher education becomes more outward-facing and entrenched in problem-solving alongside our fellow citizens.

Good luck to all our higher education partners who are starting classes again for this upcoming academic year! A new year means new beginnings.  A new opportunity to re-engage campus partners about your Civic Action Plans and broaden your community-based portfolio.  A new opportunity to consider how to change your campus climate to ensure that students get a clear message: educating for citizenship is important here! A new opportunity to connect with colleagues across the state and the region through COMMUNITIES OF PRACTICE.  A new opportunity to add the Campus Compact podcast to your regular rotation.

Since our last newsletter, the terrorist attack in Charlottesville happened.  As a native Virginian, this event hit close to home.  Could this have happened in the state where I was born?  This event continues to call into question the role that higher education has to play regarding free speech and democracy.  For me, it affirms why we do this work!  Campus Compact has put together a listing of resources HERE.  At Wisconsin Campus Compact, we are horrified at the events that unfolded and stand firmly against hate.  That is why equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) have been placed front and center in the Compact portfolio.  In fact, national Campus Compact is hiring someone to lead these efforts across the country.  That’s also why WiCC has created trainings about how to link community engagement with EDI.  Let’s work together to prevent another Charlottesville.

Please read through the newsletter and take advantage of the information we’ve curated and created below.  In particular: remember to REGISTER FOR THE WiCC REGIONAL MEETINGS happening in October.  These meetings will have a central theme unifying all of them: how can we approach community engagement on your campus like an organizer? After all, we’re setting a vision for a different institution and trying to mobilize people toward that vision.  We will have a workshop on self-interest, how to power map your institution, and how to have effective 1:1 meetings to move the engagement portfolio forward.  These meetings shouldn’t be missed!

As a housekeeping item, we’re in transition with our phone system.  Our old 608-890 phone number no longer works.  Stay tuned for our new number! For now, you can best reach us by e-mail (gavin {at} compact(.)org, lynne {at} compact(.)org, and luke {at} compact(.)org for election engagement-related items).  Thanks for reading!