Fund for Positive Engagement

Fund for Positive Engagement Request for Proposals

For campuses who are looking to do work on their climate in this time of political polarization, Campus Compact is offering 40 awards of $5000 each for campuses to improve their campus environment to support political engagement and learning. Proposals are due July 14th, 2017.

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For those involved in the Campus Election Engagement Project, this could be an opportunity to build on the work of making your campus more supportive of political engagement.  WiCC is about to launch an effort with CEEP that’s based on this campus climate work, as well.  Even if you don’t get the award, there will still be an opportunity to think about improving your campus climate with the researchers at Tufts U’s Institute for Democracy in Higher Education.

Recall that this could be linked with Civic Action Plans (Commitment 5)!