June 1, 2018


As we move out of celebrations and graduations and into planning, organizing and strategizing for the summer months, I urge you to take some needed time to reflect. We know that reflection is the beadrock of effective service-learning (for students) and community engagement (for deep partnership building), but we often don’t do it on behalf of our own growth and development. Think about this past year. What gave you joy and energy? What activities brought about the most impact and change? What will you do differently or say “no” to next year? How did you grow? What do you need to work on to further your own development, knowledge and skills? How can WiCC support you (or how can you support WiCC) next year? 

Taking on this consulting role with Wisconsin Campus Compact has afforded me some time to reflect on my growth and our network’s growth since I last worked for WiCC in 2006 (was it really that long ago?!). It has been amazing to see what has changed in our campus-communities and the growth that has happened because of our collective and ongoing work. I have reconnected with past WiCC AmeriCorps VISTA members (that I supervised in 2004-2006) that are now leading change in universities and communities. I have met young professionals that are in the field of community engagement because of their own college experiences a decade ago. I reconnected with some of the state compact “trailblazers” who are still creating change all these years later. The Compact network is as dynamic as it ever was! The new WiCC Director will be entering into an organization that is thriving, yet open for plenty of growth and potential. What an exciting time! 

Have a wonderful summer, 

Dr. Carie Hertzberg