Professional Development

CCWI works with our Campus Companetworkct partners across the US to link members with special professional development opportunities and to create new opportunities as needed by members. These include meetings, webinars, and workgroups.

Wisconsin Regional Network GatheringsRegional Network Gatherings offer an opportunity to network and dialogue on high impact practices in community engagement. These meeting take place in four regions across Wisconsin each fall. Gatherings are free to students, faculty, staff, and community partners from all member campuses. Topic have included collective impact, strengthening community partnerships, tracking and assessment, and strengthening reflection practices.

Best Practices in Assessing Community Engagement Group. The purpose of the BPACE (or “Bee-Pace”) Group is to create a space to pose questions, think through challenges, share experiences or best practices related to assessing and/or evaluating community-engaged experiences in higher education.

Pathways to Public Service International Working Group. We have partnered with the Haas Center to invite CCWI members to be part of an International Working Group to implement the “Pathways to Public Service” tool.